Friday, 21 December 2012

Understanding Enteral Nutrition

Proper nutrition is imperative to maintaining strength and vitality; during illness or due to injury, a patient may not be able to process food normally.

Under these circumstances, enteral nutrition, or tube feeding, may be necessary to avoid malnourishment.  Symbius Medical provides the necessary supplies to accommodate in-home enteral nutrition

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Regional Home Medical Equipment and Supplies

When you depend on medical equipment in your day-to-day life, it’s imperative to choose a medical supplies and equipment provider with comprehensive service in your area. At Symbius, providing great care and service is much more than just a business to us. With almost 20 years in the home health care industry, and a number of employees who are end-users just like you, we understand the importance of responsive and respectful service. We hear it time and again from our customers, that our techs and reps were supportive not only in a professional capacity, but on a personal level as well.   home medical equipment  Symbius Medical

Symbius Medical operates throughout Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. Stocking over 10,000 medical supplies from leading manufacturers, we operate regionally which means we can get your supplies to you quickly – often on the same day, next-day when necessary. We supply delivery to your door nationwide, with a goal to meet the ever-growing needs of our home health care customers. We provide a full range of products and services for respiratory care, oxygen care, sleep therapy, custom rehab and power mobility, durable medical equipment (DME), urological, ostomy, wound care, diabetic and nutritional services.  

We offer 24-hour service and availability, prescription coordination and billing assistance, personalized product education and instruction, a patient mentoring program, and monthly supply management. In addition, our referral sources, payers and vendors partner with Symbius Medical to assist customers in navigating the national health care reform changes.  

Above all, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for our customers by providing exceptional service, education and compassionate care for the communities we serve. We believe the right thing for you is the right thing for us.


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Getting Started with In-Home Enteral Nutrition

Injury and illness can wreak havoc on a person’s body.  If hospitalized, the stress of unfamiliar surroundings and uncertain outcomes can add to the physical strain on the body.  During this time, it is imperative to maintain proper nutrition to keep up both strength and morale, to aid in the healing process.  When a patient is unable to process food in the usual way, an alternative method must be employed.  Enteral nutrition serves this purpose by feeding through a tube, into either the stomach or small intestine.enteral nutritional   Symbius Medical Enteral nutrition is used for those who are not able to eat normally, but whose digestive system is still able to process sustenance.  Tube feeding is commonly seen in hospitals, but it is also a viable option for home health care – it is estimated that more than 344,000 people in the United States receive enteral nutrition at home.

Before beginning an enteral nutrition program, a patient should receive a nutrition assessment to determine daily caloric, protein, and fluid intake needs.  The assessment may take place in the hospital prior to discharge, in the physician’s office, or in the home, and should be completed by a registered dietician or a similarly-qualified health care professional. An accurate assessment is imperative to avoid malnutrition, and must also account for overcoming existing malnourishment, restoration of nutritional status, wound healing, and return or improvement of physical strength.  Based on the findings of the nutrition assessment, an appropriate formula will be prescribed.

At Symbius Medical, we make it easy to order your enteral products and supplies. We make it easy to reorder, too – contact our customer service department and learn more about our 3-month supply program.  To learn more about our enteral nutrition options, call us today at (800) 948-1868, or email us at


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Manage Your Diabetes During the Holidays

For the millions of diabetics living in the US, the holiday season adds additional concerns for both nutrition, and testing regimens. With daily routines interrupted, maintaining healthy habits can be a challenge.  Whether living with diabetes, or hosting someone with diabetes during the holiday season, there are many ways to enjoy the season healthfully.  

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Choosing Aids to Everyday Living

When you think of medical equipment, lift chairs and crutches may not be the first things that come to mind.  But aids to everyday living, which allow for greater ease of motion and a more functional living environment, can be equally important as other, more technical, equipment.  At Symbius Medical, we provide a comprehensive list of products to make everyday living easier.
medical equipment   Symbius Medical

Bath Safety Items & Accessories
Of the falls that occur within the home, approximately one-half of these occur in the bathroom.  To ensure our customers’ safety, we provide a host of products available to increase safety in this room.  In addition to commodes, we offer a variety of bathroom safety products designed for ease of transfer in and out your shower or tub. Raised toilet seats and toilet safety frames, and special bath safety items for bariatric home care round out our comprehensive selection of bathroom aids and accessories.

Walking Aids
When you depend on a walking aid to get you where you want to go, it’s imperative to be fitted correctly to the product that best suits your needs.  Whether you’re using crutches, or a rollator, a walker or a cane, Symbius Medical offers a variety of products to fit your needs, from youth to adult and bariatric. We specialize in quad canes, “T” Handle design, cane seats, and forearm crutches and carry a variety of walkers and rollators from leading manufacturers. For even greater functionality, we can provide accessories and replacement parts for your walker or rollator including baskets, bags, wheels, and trays.

Lift Chairs
At Symbius Medical we carry several lift chairs in a variety of colors and styles to make it easier for you to stand up from a seated position.  But before choosing a lift chair, consider how it will be used. Will you sleep in the chair?  Eat in the chair? Understanding how you intend to use the chair will help you make an informed decision.

Home Care Products
Through our on-line product catalog, we offer a variety of personal care and home accessories.  Our products include non-latex gloves and skin care products, medication dispensers and reachers.

When considering aids for yourself or a loved one, be sure you’re evaluating not only the specific piece of equipment, but need-related equipment, as well.  For example, for someone using a walker or rollator, after assessing accessibility in the home, you many consider installing railings near the toilet or in the shower for stability.

We’re here to help you every step of the way.  Our customer service representatives are available to answer your questions about aids to everyday living, and to help you decide what medical equipment is best for you or your loved one.